Of course, we’re more than paint, but we’ve always been and continue to be primarily a top-tier painting services provider.



We were the first to put an acrylic finish on a Kynar paneling system in Los Angeles, and we’ve been innovating in the field of exterior painting ever since. Swing stages, scaffolding, boom lifts, metallics, clear finishes, we do it all and we do it well.


Wood Refinishing

Tired teak? Lackluster lumber doesn’t stand a chance against our industry leading wood refinishing technicians. We’ll work with you to design a treatment plan that keeps your wood looking good, inside or outside. From the door of your office to the table in your conference room, if it’s wood, we’ll make it shine.


Removing and reinstalling wallcovering has been a core Duggan service for over twenty years. We’ll work with you to select and install the best wallpaper for your needs and design aesthetics.



Floor Coatings

Epoxy’s no problem and elastomerics are our merits, multi-spec coatings will refresh your pedestrian and auto spaces and keep your garage or exterior common areas looking sharp.



Drywall doesn’t have to be a dry topic! Demising walls meet their demise against our top-tier installation team, who can make your suite sweet through demolition or construction!


Water got you down? Expansion joints lost their expanse? We’re here to help, installing all types of caulking on all types of surfaces.